Dev Dhingra, The Fundmaster (New Zealand)

Dev Dhingra, The Fundmaster (New Zealand)

Market: NZ

Company: The Fundmaster

Job title: Managing director

 Dev Dhingra, founder and managing director of The Fundmaster in Auckland, has continued to grow and raise the profile of his company since its launch in late 2012. He settled just under $205,000,000 in residential loans from 1 April 2018 to 31 March 2019. Although he started the business on his own, Dhingra now has a team of 17 people to help support his passion for “giving clients all the information and solutions they need to make the best possible decision regarding their financial future.” After moving to New Zealand, furthering his education is business management and working a couple of odd jobs, Dhingra joined ASB Bank. He moved up the ranks in the six years he was there – from customer service officer to becoming a business development manager. Besides work, Dhingra is involved in an initiative he founded with a team member called Walkittude, a movement “encouraging you to become a better version of yourself by doing the simplest thing… walking.”