Chrissy Zotzmann Brown
Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group

Chrissy Zotzmann Brown, Chief Operations Officer

Chrissy Zotzmann Brown

Chief Operations Officer
Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group

 600 Lynnhaven Parkway, Suite 100,Virginia Beach, VA 23452
 (757) 213-1660
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Whether she's working alongside her team of talented mortgage professionals to generate industry-leading ideas, advocating on Capitol Hill, or wearing her most important hat as a mother, Chrissy Zotzmann Brown somehow does it all with grace and grit.

Over 25 years, Chrissy has worked her way up in the ranks of the real estate finance industry by continually pursuing opportunities that challenge her and allow her to broaden her skill set and knowledge base in the mortgage industry. Today, Chrissy serves as the Chief Operations Officer for Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group's majority-female Executive Leadership Team and uses her role within the company to encourage finding a healthy work-life balance and success in your own journey.

She spent this past year studying and testing to become a Certified Mortgage Banker (CMB) so that she could better understand all areas of her field – not something many mortgage professionals on the operations side can say! She uses her knowledge to serve the mortgage and housing industry through her advisory role with LendersOne, and works with government officials to implement effective policy change to make housing more accessible and affordable for all Americans. Chrissy does all this while being an amazing mother, team member, and friend. 

In April of 2021, Chrissy was responsible for securing Atlantic Bay’s approval for Ginnie Mae eNotes.

eClosings have been a continued focus for Chrissy and the Operations team. Having recognized eClosings as an opportunity not only to improve the mortgage experience for all parties but also to reduce room for errors, Chrissy has been leading the team to seamlessly integrate eClosings into all transactions. In 2020, the team completed more than 5,500 eClosings, a significant increase over 2019. This year, Atlantic Bay is on track to greatly exceed those numbers, helping thousands more homebuyers to the closing table.  

Chrissy’s ingenuity in the field has allowed Atlantic Bay to remain at the front of the pack in the digital mortgage experience and has given her the opportunity to share her experiences at a LendersOne national conference, on various webinars with smaller organizations and mentor groups, and on the top national mortgage finance podcast, “HousingWire.” Chrissy is always up for sharing her knowledge and expertise with others in the field and undoubtedly uses her power and influence to encourage those around her.