Rocky Foroutan

Rocky Foroutan, Chief executive officer

Rocky Foroutan


 400 N. Tustin Ave #325   Santa Ana, CA 92705
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Our philosophy has always been “Make it simple and easy to use,” says Rocky Foroutan, CEO of LenderHomePage. “Homebuyers are already anxious because they’re making a big decision in their financial lives, so we make the technology easy and user-friendly so that it does not add to the complexity of the transaction. That has always been the central design objective for us.”

Foroutan founded LenderHomePage from his small home office in 2003 by building turnkey websites for mortgage brokers and loan officers. Sixteen years later, the company has grown to serve nearly 3,000 clients with an innovative, multi-channel digital platform that helps customers enhance the borrowing experience while gaining efficiencies and saving cost. Prior to LenderHomePage, Foroutan spent 19 years as a software developer, as well as worked in sales and marketing management in Fortune 5000 companies.

Foroutan is quick to point out that LenderHomePage’s success – and his success personally – is directly attributable to the team he has assembled. “The most important aspect of our business has been putting the right people in the right seats,” he says, adding that it has helped his company to stay relevant in an industry that is constantly evolving. “We knew there’s a wave of digital transformation, so we caught onto that, we started talking to our clients, we started looking at the landscape, and we started to innovate and we answered our customers’ calls.”