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The mortgage business is nothing less than complex. With many moving parts in play at any given time, having the ability to coordinate and pull these parts into place is the goal of every mortgage lender. Bell Bank is no exception. Bell Bank’s glowing results in this year’s Top Mortgage Employers survey demonstrate the benefits of including the needs of mortgage employees in all aspects of the business. 


With employee satisfaction top of mind, Tony Weick, president of Bell Bank Mortgage, says: “The results are of course fantastic to see, especially when you consider the events over the past year – not just in our company, but in the industry. Since the survey is all feedback from our staff, it is terrific and humbling seeing our combined efforts, communications and direction making a positive impact in their eyes.” 


Knowing what the client wants and directly addressing each client’s needs were also key. “We provide professional services to our clients, no matter what type of support they need,” Weick says. In order to provide client support, “we have found that the key is having a culture which puts our employees first, providing an engaging, high-performing and fun environment, which allows our employees to succeed.” 


Bell Bank believes in its team. This strong internal support system provides the framework to succeed externally. “Happy employees, happy customers,” is Bell Bank’s bottom-line statement, Weick explains. 


The demands on mortgage professionals can be very difficult to balance, but by being engaged and respected for what they do, employees have the ideal mindset to draw out what the client needs and work to ensure client-driven results. Another key to success? Transparency, says Weick. Building trust is central to the willingness of staff to stay committed and engaged in their work and provide consistently high levels of client service. 


The common thread tying all the successful elements together is the ability “to create strong relationships.” Bell Bank’s team believes that mortgage lending is a business built on relationships, and even with remote work becoming a new reality, client interactions are still at the heart of its mortgage business model. It just may not be face-to-face the way it used to be. 


One of the recurring themes in this year’s Top Mortgage Employers survey results was the importance employees put on the need for an attractive benefit package. Bell Bank has been aware of this for quite some time and has acted accordingly. 


“With the heavy burden of healthcare costs, the wide-ranging challenges which present themselves daily and, of course, helping people prepare for their retirement, having a strong and extensive benefits package is an important factor in employee satisfaction,” Weick explains. 


Bell Bank’s Employee Stock Ownership Plan enables staff to be owners as well. A company incentive based on this model provides an economic boost, which is indicative of the employee-centered approach Bell Bank works hard to achieve. The three keys to success as a mortgage lender, says Weick, are “culture, professionalism and execution.” 


“Walk the walk when it comes to providing an environment for your teammates to be appreciated and excited, do what is right no matter if anyone is watching, and provide the tools and training to ensure employees can be successful and have fun in completing their goals,” he says.


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