What’s the best way to manage your database?

From emailing newsletters to growing your contact list, database management is crucial

What’s the best way to manage your database?

I recently went through your free trial and I really like your newsletters and other value-added content. The newsletters are the right balance of expert material but without being over the head of the reader. My problem is, I don't know what is the best way to email the weekly newsletter and I am not sure that weekly might not be too much for my database.
–Timothy from NJ

Thanks for the kind words regarding our newsletters and other materials. I have been writing them for over 30 years. That has given me a lot of time to get the balance down to a science. Concerning distribution, there is no "one best" method for emailing newsletters and other material. If you have a database of 100, you could use Outlook or whatever email system you regularly use. However, you should have a database of more than that. My sphere marketing webinar is designed to show how to grow your database of your sphere from 300 to 3,000. And the larger it gets, the more technology you will need. If you are looking at merely a way to email the newsletters, a simple system like ours provides this basic service. Just add your lists and you can send.

However, when managing your database, most need a CRM that can do much more. For example, schedule follow-up campaigns to prospects and real estate agents or other referral sources. And run reports as to where your business is coming from. Though if you use a CRM, make sure it has great content or you can place upgraded content into whatever system you are using. In the long run that can become cumbersome.  Next week we will address the second question: How often to email newsletters and other content.


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