How do you get into the mortgage industry?

When recruiting, we often try to answer the question, “Why should I get into the mortgage business?” But don’t forget that many people don’t know how to break in

How do you get into the mortgage industry?
David Lykken

When it comes to recruiting for the mortgage industry, our efforts are often placed on selling the benefits of the industry. We try to answer the question, “why should I enter the mortgage business?” Perhaps there is another question people are asking, though. Maybe some are already convinced that the mortgage industry would be a good fit, but they aren't sure how to get in to the industry. Here are a few suggestions.

On the Jan. 23 episode of my Lykken on Lending podcast, we aired an interview with Bill Cosgrove of Union Home Mortgage. When we asked Bill how he got into the mortgage business, he said that he had started out in real estate and then made the transition from there. That's one way to get into the business—come in through a peripheral industry. You could work for a real estate agency, a titling agency, a bank, or a law firm. All of these careers and more could be a gateway into the mortgage industry.

What if you don't work in any of these industries? Well, you could go the traditional routes—visit job fairs, sign up for internships, or simply monitor the job boards. In the mortgage industry, though, there are many companies that will give you a shot if you express a strong desire to succeed and a demonstrated track-record of hard work and perseverance—even if you don't have any related experience. While this might not work for other industries, you could just stop by a local mortgage business and make the proposition. You never know—you might just come away with a job!