Displaying expertise means staying on top of your customers’ needs

Expertise isn’t simply about spewing out knowledge. It’s also about asking questions and listening

Displaying expertise means staying on top of your customers’ needs
Part II: Dave, I keep hearing you say that you need to be known as an expert in order to “sell” the right way. You are also constantly talking about doing business based upon referrals. I do much of my business based upon referral, yet sometimes I have to speak to prospects who don’t know who I am. How do I come across as an expert?

–Chip from Alabama

Last week we discussed "talking the talk" of an expert and included questions you might ask the client to demonstrate your expertise and, more importantly, to develop a relationship and ferret out their needs. There are other ways to show expertise as well:
  • Send them a follow-up article on a topic which is relevant to their transaction. It does not have to be regarding financing, but may be focused upon the real estate transaction – such as "determining if you should rent your present home or sell it." The article may also be about credit, VA loans, the disposition of a home as part of a divorce, the importance of a preapproval or several other topics.
  • Show them social proof of your expertise. Instead of saying how much experience you have and what a great job you will do, having tons of positive reviews and testimonials on your site is much more effective. Make sure you can send them a direct link to that page, whether on your site or another location.
  • Set up meetings with other professionals advising them, such as a financial planner and/or accountant. Impress their professionals and you will automatically be associated as an expert.
There are more examples; however, this should give you a good idea of how and where to start. One last note: You do not establish yourself as an expert by spewing out knowledge. Your goal is to ask questions and listen.  

–Dave Hershman 

Dave Hershman has been the leading author and a top speaker for the industry for decades with six books authored and hundreds of articles published. His website is www.originationpro.com. If you have a reaction to this commentary or another question you would like answered in this column? Email Dave directly at [email protected].

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