Just Group to offer free EPCs

The free EPC offer is available to new lifetime mortgage customers

Just Group to offer free EPCs

Retirement specialist Just Group has partnered with property services firm Vibrant to provide new lifetime mortgage customers with a free energy performance certificate (EPC).

Just Group said it will make the offer available to new customers across its ‘Just For You’ lifetime mortgage range, including its medically underwritten products.

“The UK has the oldest housing stock in Europe which tends to be poorly insulated and energy inefficient,” Sarah Morris-Simpson, retail propositions director at Just Group, remarked. “People don’t always know what they can do to improve the energy efficiency of their homes, or how much those improvements will cost and what savings they will offer.

“At Just Group, we are proud of our innovative track record of supporting customers in the lifetime mortgage sector. We introduced medical underwriting across the range of Just For You lifetime mortgages and launched the first green lifetime mortgage, and so we are delighted to offer new customers a free EPC.”

EPCs are important as they assess how energy efficient a property is from a rating of ‘A’ to ‘G’. They also highlight the energy efficiency improvements that could be made, how much they will cost, and how much money could be saved, helping customers understand how they could make their property more energy efficient and reduce energy bills.

“We believe in helping people achieve a better later life, and this initiative will help people understand their options to improve the efficiency of their homes,” Morris-Simpson added.