Digitally growing your mortgage business

How can you minimize the effects of the recent pandemic on your business?

2020 has been a challenging year as the pandemic continues to impact daily lives and hit the global economy. As a result, many organizations are faced with difficult operational deicisons like shuttering physical workplaces and moving business online.

Despite these trying times, many organizations are finding success by shifting gears and prioritizing digital business. By embracing online business development platforms, brokers can maintain growth, increase client acquisitions and generate leads, all virtually. With creative, virtual solutions businesses like yours can position themselves for success even amid these volatile times.

Don’t miss this timely, free webinar that will discuss the current risks mortgage brokers face, how to solve today’s unique business problems and how to streamline client communications in this digital era. Learn more about how your practice can manage your client's journey digitally through:

  • Optimizing to increase online lead flow
  • Communicating with clients via their preferred channels
  • Nurturing leads through messaging
  • Collecting payments via text