Ken Perry, President & Founder, Knowledge Coop

President & Founder
Knowledge Coop

Ken Perry entered the mortgage industry as a loan originator for a national company in Pleasanton, California. He quickly became the company’s top producer and was asked to take a training leadership position to onboard branches throughout the western half of the US. In 2000, Perry transferred to the Pacific Northwest to take a sales job with a major wholesale lender, which gave him the opportunity to call on originators throughout the Portland market.

Seeing the significant need for originator training, Perry left his job in 2003 to start Broker Knowledge Group. That September, he was invited to speak at a conference, which led to additional speaking engagements throughout the country. In 2005, Broker Knowledge Group became the first private company to receive approval for teaching live continuing education classes in Oregon. With the passage of the SAFE Act in 2008, these classes became required in every state, and Broker Knowledge Group was one of the first providers.

In December 2011, Perry attended a technology conference in Las Vegas that rewrote the future of his business. In 2012, he launched the Knowledge Coop, a social learning system that allows companies to upload and assign documents, videos, and notes to grow their companies through collaboration and education. Perry also created a company initiative to donate 10% of the purchases of Knowledge Coop’s seven- or eight-hour CE courses from to Forever Changed International. Perry himself travels to Guatemala City twice a year on mission trips with the organization.
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