John Ardy, CEO, Resitrader


John Ardy is the co-founder and CEO of Resitrader, one of the mortgage industry’s first trading platforms to enable loan originators, banks, brokers and financial advisors to exchange loan data, documents and pricing information in order to buy and sell whole loans securely. Ardy has led Resitrader’s meteoric growth, taking the trading platform from zero loans in 2015 to more than $1 billion in loan transactions to date. In less than two years, approximately 100 financial institutions have joined the platform, including four of the top five commercial banks, as well as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. In 2017, Resitrader announced it would be providing its trading platform as a private-label product to members of The Mortgage Collaborative, the nation’s only independent mortgage cooperative. The company also began offering real-time pricing data to Mortech, a Zillow Group company. 

“Resitrader’s enormous success is the culmination of Mr. Ardy’s career, which has been dedicated to solving industry problems with innovative solutions in mortgage and real estate technology and secondary marketing,” an industry peer says. “The platform is dramatically improving the way whole loans are traded, taking the industry leaps forward from where it was just two years ago.”

Prior to creating Resitrader, Ardy was a member of the executive management team at Equator, a leading provider of default servicing solutions for the mortgage industry.
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