Darius Mirshahzadeh, CEO, The Money Source

The Money Source

As CEO of The Money Source, Darius Mirshahzadeh’s goal is to create a company that is not just a mortgage lender, but  rather a business that focuses on the pursuit of “growing happiness.” He believes the key to this is something that’s often overlooked within the industry: fostering a company culture that highlights the importance of people, leadership and character development, ultimately leading to “rock-solid service” and the continuous thriving of the people and business.

Mirshahzadeh’s vision has clearly paid off: The company’s latest Net Promoter Score was 81.03, a ranking that positions The Money Source alongside companies like Apple. Mirshahzadeh’s innovative approach to business has also been recognized with numerous national awards – the company has been listed as a Top Mortgage Employer and a Best Place to Work in the Bay Area, was a Stevie Award recipient and a Visionary Organization, and Mirshahzadeh himself has been named a Highest Rated CEO in the US. Mirshahzadeh is also the president of The Pink Unicorn Foundation, a nonprofit that directs The Money Source’s philanthropy. 

In 2016, the foundation donated more than $30,000 to various causes; last year, it supported relief efforts for natural disasters throughout the country.
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