Senior loan officer
Loan volume: $159 million
Number of loans: 277

With more than 20 years of experience in financial services, Stephen Campbell is an award-winning, top-producing loan officer who joined loanDepot, Mortgage Master’s parent company, in 2011. Campbell attributes his success to loanDepot’s quality lending products, combined with a lot of hard work. Campbell also takes pride in staying focused on his customers, treating each and every one as he would want to be treated, and knowing he is only as successful as his last transaction.

Prior to joining the mortgage industry, Campbell was a commodities broker specializing in bond trading. He is a consistent top producer and has established himself as a specialist in developing beneficial borrower alternatives through diversified product offerings.

“I’m very fortunate to have had numerous financial planners refer their clients to me,” he says. “Oftentimes, the planner will call me to discuss their client’s options with the client waiting on [other end of the line]. Even if it jeopardizes my potential sale, I never waver from offering good, sound advice – I take pride in doing so. Often it takes time to earn the trust of referral partners, but once I do, it pays dividends.”