Make social media marketing easy

by Kimberly Greene22 Aug 2018

Social media can be a burden, but it doesn’t have to be.

New American Funding (NAF) recently released their Social For You multimedia platform, designed to take loan officers beyond being social media savvy to true social marketing geniuses. The platform is part of NAF’s GoGoLO app, and utilizes blogs, videos and webinars to break down every nuance of social media engagement in order to help originators communicate with their networks more effectively.

Rick Arvielo, NAF’s CEO, calls it a kind of “paint-by-numbers approach” that instructs agents when to post, why to post, and how social media platforms react to post activity, provides resources, and then connects the dots to various social media channels. Within three clicks, originators can grab top-quality content, personalize it, and share it on various social media platforms.

The inspiration for this project came from one of NAF’s own originators during a presentation on how he found success in his marketplace. NAF’s CEO, Rick Arvielo, realized that while he was active on social media channels himself, he was unaware of some social media strategies revealed in that presentation.

“If the CEO of the company really didn’t know how some of these things worked, there was a really good chance that some of our loan agents didn’t know either,” Arvielo said.

Loan officers have such a full plate these days. In addition to work of actually doing loans (i.e., making and maintaining relationships with referral partners, earning business from consumers, educating clients, putting loans together, providing impeccable customer service, and meeting all deadlines smoothly and on time), many originators are also playing catch-up in terms of technology, figuring out which platforms make the most sense for their business model, learning the particular platform and training and onboarding them. Even if you’re active on social media, who has time to learn the tips and tricks of each platform? Isn’t it enough to just engage in the space?

No, says Arvielo.

“I think that it’s probably the single biggest missed opportunity that exists today for small business, and I would consider loan agents small businesses,” he said. Most mortgage professionals have networks of hundreds and hundreds of people, but the trick is finding the relevant material that serves those networks best.

“When you’re using social media to promote yourself or your business, you have to earn the right to do it. You need to provide them with information that they’re going to want to see, and then every so often you push out something that’s business related to actually ask for the business.”

NAF aims to have a lot of that information working in the background and ready to go with just a few touches. NAF also figured that realtor partners are probably struggling in the social media arena as well, and are tailoring Social For You to the real estate community, making it available on their mobile app for real estate agent partners, GoGoPartner.

A Forbes study found that 81% of respondents claimed “recommendations and posts from family and friends directly impact their buying decisions, while 78% said social media posts from companies influence their buying decisions.”

Originators have enormous influence in the marketplace, so don’t waste time on your social media channels by posting into the void. Become the social marketing genius that your business needs while improving your value proposition to your networks.


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