How to make your content feel new again

by WebMax28 Jun 2018

Are you ever tired of seeing the same loan officer memes or mortgage company advertisements over and over again while scrolling through your social media feed? Humans crave variety. We get bored very easily and need new things to grab our attention and keep us entertained. No one wants to see the same thing all of the time. Keeping content new and refreshing is the key to a successful media campaign; viewers must remain engaged and on their toes. Don’t be a contributor to the typical clichés consumers pass over on a daily basis.

Live Infographics
While infographics are not a new way to show off mortgage or loan data, ones with animations or live pieces are rare and barely used. This is a great way to make content stand out. Viewers can easily become hooked by seeing an object move while scrolling by the chart or diagram. It will catch their eye and they’ll be engaged to read what the infographic is trying to say. This idea takes relatively outdated content, puts a twist on it, and makes it new again. There are so many things that can be done with live infographics; the possibilities are endless.

Social Media Stories
It’s crucial to stay up to date with what's new in the realm of social media, and understand what people are reacting to. Currently, one of the most utilized functions revolves around Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram story modes. People are enthralled with viewing what others are doing throughout the day, thus keeping them entertained. Why not take advantage of that? When a mortgage company or loan officer add social media stories throughout the course of the day,  viewers will continuously stay engaged to see what’s going on. In other words, the company can build relationships with their viewers by simply inviting them into their world.

User-Generated Content
What better way is there to advertise than by getting the audience involved? The users create the content while you collect and publish it. In most cases this is with the use of hashtags including the mortgage company or a specific branch name. Not only will this give viewers the variety they need to stay tuned in, but it is also another relationship-building technique. The viewers will learn to trust the company and feel important to it because the company is finally recognizing the consumer. It’s no wonder individuals are more inclined to trust the consumer rather than the sales experts. When they see the average person bragging about how much they enjoyed working with a specific mortgage company, they are more inclined to work with them next time they purchase property.

Social Media Contests
Contests are one of the best ways to engage the audience; they have nothing to lose and may even win a prize. Individuals are more than likely to get involved and enter the contest when there's an incentive at hand. Again, this is another strategy that serves multiple purposes. Not only do contests keep content new and get viewers engaged, but it’s an inexpensive advertising outlet with good ROI. Holding contests allow you to get the name of your mortgage company out there while viewers can’t stop talking about it. 

All in all, keeping media content refreshed and updated is imperative in an ongoing campaign.  Media that seems boring and outdated will get pushed to the back burner and will be ignored whereas the ideas that feel new will receive the most attention and feedback. Due to this, it is crucial that mortgage companies and loan officers stay one step ahead in terms of marketing.


Siera Smith is the vice president of operations at WebMax. She is responsible for overseeing day-to-day operations to support the growth of WebMax and add to the bottom line of the organization. Her main focus is on strategic planning and goal-setting while also creating, implementing, and managing key organizational policies, processes, reports, and standardizations.


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