Generating leads on LinkedIn

by Ryan Smith16 Jan 2018

A good marketing strategy will employ a variety of techniques to generate leads. The best way to get leads rolling in, of course, is to get your message in front of as many people as possible. And one way to do that is to take advantage of social media sites like LinkedIn.

LinkedIn recently expanded its long-form publishing platform to allow long-form posts from all of its members. Although only individuals – not companies – can post long-form content, long-form posts can be a powerful tool, according to loan origination software company LoanTek.

“If you use LinkedIn’s long-form publishing tool to its fullest potential, you will position yourself as a thought leader, grow your following, and generate more mortgage leads,” LoanTek stated in a blog on the subject.
Here are some of LoanTek’s tips for writing effective long-form posts:

  • Be genuine and engaging: You want to write from your own point of view. “If you are not authentic, your followers will be able to tell,” wrote LoanTek.
  • Be helpful: Don’t write something just to be writing. Your long-form post should educate, solve a problem, or otherwise create value for the reader.
  • Be visual: “Studies suggest that content with relevant images garner 94% more views than those without an image,” writes LoanTek. Including a relevant photo or illustration is a simple way to make your post stand out.
  • Encourage conversation: A call to action for comments on the post could start a conversation. This allows you to interact more closely with your readers, and keeps people coming back to your post.
  • Cross-promote: Use your post to direct people somewhere else – your website blog for instance – to keep the conversation going. That way, your LinkedIn post can help move traffic to your company website.



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