Are you getting the most out of your email marketing?

by Ryan Smith13 Feb 2018

In the rush to social media marketing, you shouldn’t forget good old email. Facebook may be flashier, but email is still “one of the main channels we use to communicate,” according to a recent study by Adobe Digital Systems.

A survey of office workers found that they spent more than a third of their day reading, writing and replying to email – both work-related and personal. The survey found that 88% checked their personal email while at work, while 79% checked their work email at home. And more and more people are checking their email primarily on their smartphones.

And that’s where email marketing comes in. While email marketing can be effective, Adobe found it needed to be geared toward smartphone users.
“22% of respondents say that their biggest annoyance when it comes to email marketing is with message layouts that are not properly optimized for mobile,” Abobe said in a release. “Having to scroll beyond one page of information is also considered an annoyance by one in five users.”

And make sure to deploy your marketing messages sparingly – nearly half of survey respondents said their biggest turn-off when it came to email marketing was high message frequency.


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