Power up your loan origination business

by New American Funding15 Oct 2018

No matter what line of work you’re in, great tools can enhance your performance.

When William Newberry invented the band saw in 1807, carpenters became more creative. When Edwin Budding invented the lawnmower in 1830, gardeners worked with greater precision. And when Norman Breakey of Toronto in 1940 invented the paint roller, painters painted faster.

So, it was little surprise that when New American Funding created and introduced its award-winning GoGo apps, it immediately improved life for the company’s Loan Originators, as well as for their Real Estate Agent partners and the homebuying clients they both serve. 

Instead of one tool, GoGo is really three tools in one – GoGo LO, GoGo Partner and GoGo Home. Each offers amazing features of its own, but when combined, they provide seamless, superior performance that has totally disrupted how homes are being purchased and financed today.

With GoGo LO, New American Funding Loan Originators carry their office with them. Managing their pipeline, pre-qualifying clients, pulling credit, signing 1003s, staying in touch with their key contacts and performing a multitude of other vital tasks and functions can all be executed from the convenience of their smart phone.

GoGo LO doesn’t just help New American Loan Originators run their current business, it also helps them secure future business. Using a feature called Agent Intelligence, Loan Originators can gain invaluable information about the top Real Estate Agents in their market, as well as the current Loan Originators they’re working with. They can filter the information dozens of ways, viewing production numbers from highest to lowest, by unit volume, dollar volume, individual deal size, buy- or sell-side transactions, etc. Given this eye-opening view of the market, they can begin competing for this business in strategic new ways.

GoGo Partner
While Agent Intelligence helps Loan Originators identify top Real Estate Agent Partners, GoGo Partner secures and strengthens those relationships. With GoGo Partner, Real Estate Agents working with New American Funding Loan Originators no longer have to wait for a phone call, text or email to be brought up to speed on what’s happening with their client’s loan. At any time, they can obtain real-time updates on exactly where that loan is in the loan process. They can also set action reminders for every key loan stage and pull up all the key contacts responsible for successfully moving the transaction from that first pre-qual letter through funding.

The cobranding opportunities with GoGo Partner are equally powerful. Real Estate Agents can use GoGo Partner’s electronic sign-in feature at their open houses to capture all their attending guests. This list gets automatically uploaded to their growing list of prospects to whom they and their New American Funding Loan Originator can begin sending their favorite cobranded marketing collateral. For Real Estate Agents who struggle with maintaining a consistent marketing campaign, GoGo Partner’s cobranding capabilities are a powerful reason for them to align their business with New American Funding.

GoGo Home
GoGo Home is the exclusive search tool New American Funding designed for home shoppers. With it, they can shop the MLS 24/7 for home listings that get refreshed every 15 minutes. But New American Funding added a wrinkle that goes to the heart of what the company is all about. Every time, a home shopper pulls up a listing, it includes only the contact information of the New American Funding Loan Originator and their Real Estate Agent partner.

That’s the New American Funding story – inventive, creative, always forging ahead to make things easier, faster, better.

With the company, you’ll never be working alone. You’ll be able to broaden your tent with scores of fresh cobranding and outreach campaigns that directly add value to everyone and everything you touch.

New American Funding didn’t invent just one tool; it created many, and you’re invited to use all of them to help your business grow!