If your business has hit a wall, make New American Funding your next call

by New American Funding18 Sep 2018

Just off the lobby of New American Funding’s main campus in Tustin, California, is a long hall, where you’ll encounter several of cofounders Rick and Patty Arvielo’s favorite motivational sayings.

“Challenge yourself every day and get out of your comfort zone,” reads one.

“Envision your goals, write them down, and stick to them,” declares another.   

The inspirational maxims directly speak to Rick and Patty’s leadership style. But the company’s cofounders are far more than just cheerleaders, urging and encouraging their employees to work hard to achieve their goals.

They put substance behind the sayings, investing millions of dollars to give New American Funding employees exactly the tools they need to succeed in their professions.

Tools that deliver
Leading the way is the company’s GoGo mobile platform, which comprises the GoGo LO, GoGo Partner, and GoGo Home apps. Together, they give New American Funding’s Loan Originators a peerless system for running their day-to-day business while growing it for the long term.   

For instance, with GoGo LO, Loan Originators can manage their pipeline, track loan files, perform soft credit pulls, issue prequals, e-sign docs and initiate their latest cobranded email campaigns, all from a smartphone. Responding to only an address, they can also use it to send their clients Property Profile Reports, which contain the home’s estimated value, comparable neighborhood sales, ownership, mortgage and tax history, and other key school and community data.

Another prominent GoGo LO feature, Agent Intelligence, allows New American Funding Loan Officers to identify every top real estate office in their market, along with all the top agents in those offices, including their production numbers and all the Loan Originators they’re currently working with. That’s valuable insight they can use to strategically direct future marketing and recruitment campaigns.

To help New American Funding Loan Originators further build relationships with these select Real Estate Agents, Rick and Patty introduced GoGo Partner. With GoGo Partner, agents can promote their open houses on their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts, as well as grow their list of contacts through GoGo Partner’s open house electronic sign-in sheet.

To ensure the GoGo suite of apps would touch all the key parties involved in purchasing and financing a home, Rick and Patty rolled out GoGo Home for homebuyers. With GoGo Home, house hunters can shop the MLS 24/7 for home listings that get refreshed every 15 minutes. It’s a win for New American Funding Loan Originators and their Real Estate Agent partners because the houses that shoppers pull up are branded with only their contact information.

Ubiquitous marketing keeps you visible
To say New American Funding has a push-button marketing system wouldn’t be completely accurate, because in many instances the company’s Loan Originators don’t even have to push a button to launch their latest promotional campaign. For instance, the New American Funding automatically promotes its Loan Originators through regular mortgage statement and thank-you card campaigns and posts every positive review they receive to their favorite social media accounts. It’s that kind of automatic marketing that allows New American Funding Loan Originators to stay 100% focused on serving their clients.

Rick and Patty may not have invented mortgage loans, but they have clearly improved the loan experience for originators and their clients. Besides backing their Loan Originators with cutting-edge technology and marketing, they have clearly set forth a vision for the company that employees have made their own.  

Employees are empowered to be decision-makers. From start to finish, they drive the loan process, as evidenced by the fact that nearly all company systems – processing, underwriting, funding, servicing, marketing – are made in-house.

To ensure the voices, as well as the livelihoods, of their employees remain strong, Rick and Patty are staunch advocates for the industry at both the national and local level. Among their many leadership roles, Rick is the 2017-2018 Chairman of MORPAC, the Mortgage Banking Association’s (MBA) political action committee, and Patty is a member of the board of governors for the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (NAHREP). She also sits on the MBA’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee.

Many local nonprofits have experienced New American Funding’s spirit of giving back firsthand through the company’s signature “Lending a Helping Hand” program, where employees roll up their sleeves to support the work of numerous nonprofits. This need to be part of something larger than themselves stems from the company’s NAF360 culture, which simply translates as “Treat everyone you come into contact with, with dignity and respect.”

New American Funding has repeatedly shown that when you’re committed to doing the little things right day after day, those efforts combine to produce big-time results.

It was founding father Ben Franklin who said, “Human felicity is produced no so much by great pieces of good fortune that seldom happen, as by little advantages that occur every day.” That saying, which very much characterizes Rick and Patty’s business philosophy, deserves a space on their motivational wall, if it’s not there already.

If you’re looking for similar “little advantages” to take your business to the next level, give Rick or Patty a call today. At New American Funding, you’ll find not only a great home, but a long hall filled with ceaseless motivation and inspiration to help you reach your full potential.