The inaugural Vision Summit promises 20/20 Vision for your 2020

by Kimberly Greene02 Jul 2019

Christine Beckwith is a true believer.

She’s a true believer in networking, she’s a true believer in marketing, and she’s a true believer that mortgage businesses grow when mortgage professionals help one another.

These beliefs are fueling the vision behind her inaugural Vision 20/20 Summit, taking place this September in Tampa, Florida. Beckwith says that each individual coaching event is a picture of the organization’s personal style and culture, and the same holds true for the Vision 20/20 Summit.

“This industry has a lot of conventions that do unique things and I think they all do great things . . . I don’t believe mine is meant to compete with those, but rather complement them,” Beckwith said. “Bringing sales people to superior results is my forte. Because I have a consistent track record of doing that, I want to give professionals, loan originators in the space, a place to come and learn what is on the edge of technology, what is state of the art, where is the economy going, how do they position themselves as professionals.”

The Vision Summit will include a combination of expert panels, talks and motivational speeches from at least 17 industry thought leaders as well as various skill-building sessions. The event will also include the first ever Women with Vision awards, keeping in theme of Beckwith’s new women’s training subscription. Because the content for the Vision Summit is relevant to professionals in various areas of the mortgage industry, Beckwith’s team is expecting an audience of loan originators, managers, as well as real estate professionals.

Beckwith herself is a 30-year industry veteran who specializes in speaking and consulting. Her coaching arm, 20 / 20 Vision for Success Coaching offers a comprehensive and progressive training platform delivered on a virtual system that enables students to join from anywhere in the world. The Vision Summit will follow Beckwith’s philosophy for her business, which is to provide emotional awakening through education. Her approach to her education and speaking content is part philosophical and emotional, and part tactical and skill-based. She is a true blue sales leader who has been in the trenches and knows what works to engage people, increase their production, and propel them to serious results.

“Unlike a lot of the other coaching platforms, I come with the ideology and the culture mindset of shared community,” Beckwith said.

The combination summit and retreat starts with a cocktail reception, followed by a day packed with workshops, breakfast and lunch, and then everyone’s released back into the world. The entire event is a mere 24-hours from start-to finish; no more missing multiple days of work or weekend time with family, or deciding what you’re going to have to miss in order to travel to a conference. Still need help planning? The event is going to be white-glove all the way, so Beckwith has engaged a concierge service to assist with any travel assistance necessary.

Beckwith has been wanting to launch an event for years and has placed it at a time in the calendar that doesn’t compete with the glut of conferences in the spring. The timing coincides with the trend to reengage with work in the fall, and capitalizes on the push for production before the leaner months arrive. It also coincides with the collective conditioning from our school days to get into a learning mindset as the summer winds to a close.

Highlights of the event will include:

  • Jason Frazier and Josh Pitts of Shred media, who will take to the stage and offer insights into the best ways to make an impact via social media platforms. Shred will be running the first of its kind industry social media awards, with the winners to be awarded at the Vision Summit
  • Kristin Messerli of Mortgage Women Magazine and Cultural Outreach, who will give exclusive industry awards in conjunction with our newest division Women with Vision.including a full winner’s magazine feature, to female professionals Nominations for those awards will be open from July 15th-August 15th
  • Laura Brandao, industry thought leader and president of AFR
  • Phil Treadwell, Kelcey Rauchut, Clayton Collins, Du Plessis, and more!

“We are going to be stacked,” Beckwith says. “You only have to walk away with one or two social media techniques, let alone all the other things, and you have left with something very powerful. We don’t want [attendees] to learn a lesson, we want them to change the way they do business. We want them to leave positioned to succeed in 2020.”

Beckwith says that she wants to change the playbook for professionals who seek guidance in order to become stronger, more successful entrepreneurs. She believes that the fastest way to a growth is to move together as a community of likeminded professionals, and this new event is a new avenue that echoes the purpose behind her 20/20 Vision for Success Coaching Company. Together, she said, originators and sales professionals can do some incredible work, making a difference and having a direct say in how the mortgage industry evolves over time.

Get your tickets to the 20/20 Vision Summit and Retreat today, and be a part of the evolution.

“It’s going to be big and it’s going to be powerful, and we’re going to do it every year for years and years and years to come.”