Why top lenders are using these services to supercharge their business

by Ryan Smith06 Mar 2019

Most lenders expend titanic amounts of effort to grow their business – but many don’t know how to fully utilize their greatest asset: their own database.

In a free live webcast on March 14, lenders can learn how to increase their business by using three services: Sales Boomerang, Total Expert and Mortgage Coach.

“These are three separate services, but it’s one singular purpose that we all unite and agree on,” said Alex Kutsishin, co-founder and chief ROI booster at Sales Boomerang.

Each of the services helps lenders supercharge their database, Kutsishin said. Sales Boomerang keeps track of the database, notifying lenders when something has happened with a borrower – an improvement in credit score or an opportunity to refinance, for example. Total Expert uses specific channels to get the information to borrowers in a form they prefer, and Mortgage Coach creates a presentation so borrowers can understand why the lender is reaching out to them.

“Those three things combined are what creates a great experience, creates more referrals, creates more retention, creates all the things that everyone in this space is fighting to create,” Kutsishin said. “When you have those three ingredients together, it’s just easier for everyone.”

In the webcast, Kutsishin will team with Sue Woodard, chief customer officer at Total Expert, and Dave Savage, founder of Mortgage Coach, to show lenders and loan officers how they can use these systems to create more profitable deals and increase customer loyalty.

“Everyone shops around, but it’s not always about price,” Kutsishin said. “As a matter of fact, most of the time it’s not about price – it’s about who speaks to you and how they speak to you. Loyalty has everything to do with experience. So what we should be aiming for as an industry is not just saying you have a great experience, but proving it.”

Kutsishin said the webcast will also demonstrate how much money lenders could be leaving on the table by underestimating the power of their existing database.

“The biggest thing that I would love for everyone to walk away from this live webcast with is a true understanding of the value of their database, and how to get a return on investment on that database,” he said. “When we show our clients that their database of 20,000 people produced 1,000 opportunities in one month, they go, ‘That’s not possible. One thousand opportunities from my own database?’ And the answer is, ‘Yeah, that’s possible. That’s minimal.’”

To register for the free live webcast, held March 14 at 2 p.m. EST (11 a.m. PST), click here.