Why Every Realtor Needs a Tablet Device

by 01 Apr 2013

The iPad and other tablet devices appear to be designed especially for salespeople.  These days, being a successful Realtor requires more than just a smart phone and a nice SUV. Having a tablet to take on property showings with prospective buyers is essential for successful Realtors in the current market.  Here are a few reasons why:

  • While driving around viewing properties, prospective buyers can look at photos of property comparables that have either sold or are currently active. This saves a Realtor time to not have to show all of the comparables in person. The tablet puts virtual tours of the comparables right at the fingertips of potential buyers.
  • For the buyers that want it ALL but only have a small budget, showing them tours of comparable properties in their price range on a tablet device can also be a huge time saver. A tablet is a window into different tiers of homes in a short amount of time. For example, this is what your budget will get you versus spending $100K more, this is what you will get.
  • If a Realtor drives by a new listing while showing a prospective buyer a home, a tablet will allow one to pull up the subject property quickly to view photos and listing information. Using applications for iPad such as ‘HomeSnap,’ also allows prospective buyers to get a 365 degree view of the neighborhoods they are shopping in.

If you’re a Realtor  consider stepping up your game with a tablet device. A tablet is an invaluable sales tool and can certainly save you time and gas money with prospective buyers!


Corey Curwick Dutton Mortgage Professional AmericaCorey Curwick Dutton, MBA. Real Estate Lender for Private Money Utah.  Corey Ann Curwick is a private money consultant for Private Money Utah, a real estate lender based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Corey is from Austin, Texas and is an MBA Graduate of the prestigious Thunderbird School of International Management. An authority in the private money lending industry, Corey provides educational resources for investors who use hard money loans in their real estate investing activities. Before she joined Private Money Utah, Corey was the President of an investment education company in Utah called Bray-Conn Investments LLC. In this role, Corey organized classes, which taught investors how to invest in five asset classes.  In her free time, Corey enjoys skiing, snowboarding, and mountain biking in the beautiful Utah outdoors.


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