Twas the Night Before Christmas 2009 By Martin Andelman

by 11 Dec 2009


T'was the Night Before Christmas - 2009


T'was the night before Christmas-2009,

With 12 months having passed, it was finally time.

To pen this Christmas poem, and recap the past year,

So I sat by the fire and cracked open a beer.



Last Christmas, if you recall, we were watching the clock,

Awaiting a new president, by the name of Barack.

For he had won last year's bout, over McCain he came sailin',

No surprise when you consider the factor named Palin.



And when Barack Obama, into office was sworn,

With almost half the nation feeling disdain and scorn,

Finally the man who had pledged hope and change,

Would be our 44th President, although his name did sound strange.



Within weeks, while our new Pres was still embryonic,

He went to work on a bill of stimuli economic.

Republicans said NO, but they looked kind of nuts,

All singing in harmony: "Three Cheers for Tax Cuts!"



The bill provided millions for re-seeding the Mall,

And for condoms, and solar, so global warming would stall.

I knew Barack's promise of jobs was no whim,

I just hadn


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  • by Parks McCants | 12/12/2009 12:33:45 PM

    Well Done Martin. Not an easy piece to write. I believe you have captured the essence of 09 in this wonderfully written holiday greeting. It will be more than interesting to see what 2010 brings, As I painfully wince at the daily bombardment of propaganda crossing my monitor

    I can't seem to erase the image of Obama and Bush strolling hand on shoulder as Bush gleefully vacate the white house for the Obama crew. Was the entire election staged ?

    Perhaps 'W' was a bit wiser than we gave him credit for. After all, haven't heard a peep out of him. much like the Christmas mouse in your Christmas tale.

    Happy first day of Chanukah...

  • by Martin Andelman | 12/14/2009 11:10:20 AM

    Thanks, Parks... And I agree that W. has got to be watching all this on TV, laughing his ass off. I love writing these holiday season year-in-reviews, and this is my fourth year, so I'm starting to think I should publish past years so people could engage in a little nostalgia. What do you think?


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