Three arrested in mortgage case

by Justin da Rosa27 Oct 2015
Three have been charged with possessing false government documents, tampering with records, false representation, and theft by deception, among other offences.

Bruce Alston, former state senate candidate in New Jersey, along with his sister, Gail Alston, and his former girlfriend, Maisha Taylor, face a number of charges.

According to authorities, the three allegedly secured a $133,000 mortgage from Oroton Equities, reports Principle members of Oroton Equities allege no payments had ever been made on the loan.

Investigators allege they later discovered the three had used fraudulent documents to obtain the loan.

In 2012, Alston and Taylor were charged for conspiracy to sell a piece of real estate they did not own. The charges were eventually dismissed.

“The charges are false,” Alston said at the time, according to “I will be completely exonerated and vindicated, as will the other individuals charged with me. It is a disagreement between myself and a former business partner.”

In a blog post, Alston said the current charges are similar to those of the previous case.

"I anticipated and welcome the legal process becoming involved in this matter,” Alston wrote. 


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