This is why borrowers should combine their mortgage, tax bills

by Rachel.Norvell24 Oct 2014

A woman in Georgia is pleading with city officials to be allowed to keep her home after it was foreclosed on and sold at an auction — because of an unpaid tax bill of $94.85

Xui Lui from Norcross, Ga., said not only was she unaware that her condo had been sold at an auction; she also claimed she never received any communication informing her about the sale in the first place.

Despite her several pleadings, officials are preparing to evict her by Thanksgiving.

Country records show Lui paid her taxes every year except the year she moved in. However, the demands for that one missed payment never reached her due to a clerical error — the envelope included no name or street.

The letter informing her that her condo was sold at an auction did reach her. Norcross officials said they are currently trying to figure out what went wrong.

Although Lui paid for her condo in cash, this story offers another reason why borrowers should have combine their mortgage and tax bills.

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