The next trend in real estate – Bitcoin-like purchases?

by MPA14 Dec 2017
It just might be, according to one company who has made blockchain purchases for real estate a reality.

“As blockchain enters the mainstream, ShelterZoom is well positioned to bring the entire real estate industry onto it. The easy adoption of ShelterZoom's Offer NOW and Rent NOW widgets by any real estate website means that the industry can truly become innovative. And our highly experienced international team is committed to this journey," said Chao Cheng-Shorland, co-founder and director of ShelterZoom, referring to the multinational team led by herself and Amir Allen Alishahi, ShelterZoom’s other co-founder and director. “Standardized, interoperable, transparent, and secure offers are the future of the business. That’s why we are so excited about rolling out to early adopters ranging from small to large brokerage firms, multi-listing services, as well as our first WordPress real estate theme affiliate, Estatik, and our first Australian company, Arena Property Agents.”

Ethereum, like Bitcoin, is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency.

As cryptocurrency grows in prevalence, more and more Americans may look to use it to purchase real estate.

“ShelterZoom has identified a part of the real estate transaction that can benefit greatly from increased transparency and a streamlined process,” said Richard Mohr, MLS industry advisor. “Crafting their technology to be RESO-compliant and built on top of a blockchain platform separates them from all other entrants in the real estate technology industry as a company that is truly building for the future.”

Per a ShelterZoom release: “ShelterZoom’s second platform, Rent NOW, shares a similar architecture with Offer NOW. It has a widget that can be installed on any real estate rental website. The widget enables a prospective tenant to instantly submit a secure rental application on a property, which then generates an Ethereum smart contract. ShelterZoom’s complete Online Renting and Leasing solution also comes with dashboards for landlords, agents and tenants, as well as an online chat function for all parties involved.”