​The importance of a leader's mental attitude

by MPA13 Nov 2014
By David Lykken
Special to MPA

There is an old adage about dealing with difficulties in life: "Don't ask for a lighter load; instead, ask for a stronger back." Sometimes our perception of the world around us can actually alter reality. If we see hopelessness and struggle and pain, that's the way the world will be for us. On the other hand, if we see hope and opportunity and success, that is likely the world we will find ourselves inhabiting.

As leaders in the mortgage industry, it is extremely important for us to maintain strong mental attitudes. We create the future we see for ourselves. If we go to work everyday thinking things will get worse, our actions are likely to follow those beliefs and we will end up making them worse. If, on the other hand, we walk through the office doors looking for opportunities to improve the organization, we will likely find those opportunities and success will be the result.

And it's not just for your own good that you should maintain a positive attitude. As a leader, you've got to worry about your people. The people within your organization are looking to you as an example. If you have a bleak outlook for the future, they aren't going to feel very motivated to build a better organization. If, however, you can transfer a positive outlook to your people, they will be inspired to carry on that perspective in their own work.

Today's perception is tomorrow's reality. Make it a good one.


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