Ten Things to Control in the Second Quarter

by 06 Apr 2010
You Can and Must?The Ten Things to Control in the Second Quarter of 2010 Is it me or did the first quarter of this year go quickly? For many, including myself, there were a few bumps along the way and it was hard to get and keep momentum going. I look at each 90 days as a new season of actions and disciplines. It?s a time to reflect on the previous 90 Days and if I?m out of focus in areas of my personal life and business plan, I can make mid-flight corrections and get back on track. Here are ten things that I?ll be focusing on and I encourage you to do the same. 1. Daily Disciplines. Discipline is a commitment to the most important person in the world?you. Discipline signifies doing what you have to do even when you do not want to do it. 2. Having clarity in all aspects of your life. Clarity involves clear vision, core values and performance expectations. 3. Having a positive attitude. I get asked all the time as I?m sure you are also, ?How?s it going?? My answer currently is ?challenging?. I?m honest and tell people that I look in the mirror every morning and recite positive affirmations, ?I?m a great sales person, I?ll get two new applications today, I?ll meet great referral sources today, I?m the best in the business, I will accomplish great things today?. People shake their head and agree and that they should start doing the same exercise. In order to earn respect and positively impact the people around you, you must control your response to what is happening to you and those around you. Ask yourself, ?How do I come across to people when it comes to my emotions and attitude?? Do I give encouragement? Am I fired up about life and the challenges that comes my way? 4. Character Choices?doing what is right even when it is not easy. Ask yourself, ?What must I do now to demonstrate stronger character at work and at home?? 5. How I use my time. When you spend your time, are you working in your strength zone and within the disciplines of priorities, that you get more of the right things done on a daily basis. A good question to think about is, ?What must I do to be more disciplined with my time?? 6. Training must be consistent and high impact both in my personal health and the health of my business. 7. Personal growth. Work hard on yourself. Review your life plan and acknowledge the gaps that need work and consistency. Read, gain knowledge and share it with as many as you can without receiving something in return. 8. Chose wisely those you spend your time with and work with. Mom used to say, ?Chose your friends wisely?. That also goes with business. I?ve had a few individuals who have taken me down what looked like rosy paths and ended up with nothing to show for it. Get feedback from your spouse, your friends who will give you council before you make a decision to work with someone that involves time, intellectual and capital investment. 9. Who has to leave the team. Eliminate individuals and projects that are not giving you the return of your time and capital invested. 10. Always think ?Blue Ocean Strategies?. If you haven?t read the book ?Blue Ocean Strategy? by Kim, you need to. I?m re-reading it now and the premise of the book is creating significant differences in your business compared to the rest of the industry that you are competing in. A great question to ask yourself is ?What can I do in my business that will give me a significant advantage against my competition?where there is no comparison between us and them?? Tom Ninness is the Vice President/Regional Production Manager for Cherry Creek Mortgage in Denver, CO. He is also the President of Summit Champions, Inc. and creator of the ?The 90 Day Journey to Your Sales Success?, a powerful 90 day action plan for the sales professional. To learn more about The Journey and Summit Champions, go to: www.summitchampions.com or contact Tom at information@summitchampions.com Office: 303-840-0753


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