Taking it back to basics

by Heather Turner20 Sep 2016
This summer alone, Wisconsin-based Intanta Mortgage has experienced tremendous growth. The company moved headquarters this past June to a new 20,000 square foot building in Pewaukee, WI and implemented an entirely new LOS system within six months earlier this year.
“We have had good, consistent and steady growth; this year in particular, we had a really great year. We achieved good things not just in the growth of the organization but we made some changes fundamentally to the company that will provide us with a more stable and strong foundation of growth to position us much better for the future,” said Nicholas DelTorto, CEO of Inlanta.
Despite undertaking an entire system change and moving over 100 employees to a new headquarters, Inlanta has experienced five months of record volume, breaking a new record each and every month while performing more loans than ever before. “We converted a system, purchased a new building for headquarters and closed record volume through August,” said DelTorto. “Our productivity per loan officer is up 50% from where they were in the past. Our volume year-over-year is up 18% and actual units are up 17% ­– that is a heck of an achievement.”
Where does all the growth stem from? DelTorto credits the individual productivity of his employees who are capitalizing on new relationships and their overall level of care for the company. “As a Midwest company, there is a difference here in that the people really do care about their colleagues, the work that is being done and mutual achievement; we are fortunate that we have a lot of good people,” he said. Mentioning his company’s code of ethics that include the fundamentals: do the right thing, do your personal best, treat others the way you want to be treated and sweat the small stuff, DelTorto said how even elementary fundamentals can be lost through the years but that his company and employees continuously try to live up to those basic standards everyday when dealing with clients and each other.
“Culturally, we do care and I think it is based in our roots – we started as a small company and the founder was a very family-oriented person. That has carried over as we continue to grow. We want to hang on to that close bond that people have and not lose that along the way,” commented DelTorto. “We communicate with people a lot on how they’re doing, how we are doing as a company and collectively, I think that has created an ownership mentality among employees about how they work and how important it is to the overall success of the company.”

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