Startup mortgage firm debuts to help borrowers with low credit scores

by Candyd Mendoza03 May 2019

New mortgage firm EnTrust Funding (ETF) has launched to offer a wide variety of loans and an array of specialty loan programs tailored for borrowers with low credit scores.

"Having a 550 FICO score doesn't make you a bad person," said Chase Kimsey, founding partner and chief executive officer of EnTrust Funding. "We're trying to separate ourselves from the industry by offering products that few other banks will."

The company has recently launched its first branch in Texas, offering standard conventional, jumbo, FHA, VA, and reverse mortgages, as well as USDA products.

EnTrust said in a statement that it plans to open additional branches throughout the rest of 2019.

"It's been a rewarding journey, building a company dedicated to helping homeowners find financial freedom, by offering cost-saving products when other lenders have denied them," said John Presto, founding partner and president of EnTrust Funding.