Sports great selling home for a song

by Justin da Rosa01 Sep 2015
Randy Moss is offering his four acre home for a fraction of what he paid – during the dark days following the meltdown, which may be an indication of just how much more the market has to rebound to return to pre-meltdown levels.

Real estate prices may be rebounding across the country, but apparently Randy Moss didn’t get the memo. He has listed his 3,846-square-foot home in Lincoln, Rhode Island, for a mere $749,000 – a 40% discount from the $1.25 million he paid back in 2008.

The home boasts modern appointments throughout and features three bedrooms and 3.5 baths. Just outside, a pool and bar offer a place to sip margaritas during the warm Rhode Island summers.

Moss purchased the home after signing a three-year deal with New England Patriots back in 2008.
The highest median price for a home in 2008 was $268,000 in January, according to They would drop further, to a low of $204,000 in October 2012 before reversing that trajectory in line with broader economic recovery.

The median price for a home currently sits at $223,000 and is expected to continue to increase into 2016.

So Moss’ home may just turn about to be the steal of year if home prices continue to rebound – not to mention the fact that any potential owner will have a cool story to go along with the home.


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