Six ways to re-ignite the workforce fire

by MPA18 Feb 2015

Leaders often work hard to motivate and stretch employees to reach continually increasing levels of output and creativity.
An issue arises, however, when workers face continual pressure to be innovative, hard-working and quick on their feet.  At some point, the extraordinary becomes ordinary, and the employees who were once encouraged to make progress no longer feel they have any momentum to move forward.
Here are six ideas to successfully light that spark once more:

1. Carrying out an inspirational dialogue with staff.  It’s important to emphasize why new goals are necessary, and remain accessible and transparent so there are no feelings of desertion.

2. Being honest about lofty expectations, and making it clear that supervisors are aware of the tremendous efforts required by their staff.

3. Not allowing anyone to compromise values, even if that employee is the superstar of an organization.  It’s essential to remember that one person can taint an entire corporate culture.

4. Recognizing that some employees cannot handle additional tasks to their workload, while others prefer not to take on additional assignments.  
5. If some employees feel overwhelmed or struggle with physical or mental health issues, don't try to solve their problems. Consult an expert.

6. Not succumbing to extreme leadership styles.  While it may seem that managers must choose between lenient or domineering methods of management, it is possible to be strong yet versatile.
Perhaps most importantly, maintain a strict balance between encouraging productivity and fostering a healthy relationship among employees and their work.  When it’s clear to workers that they are valued for their contributions, as well as their personal attributes, often then they will feel re-inspired to once again aim to reach new heights.

This article is adapted from the original at HC Online. 


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