Shout Out and Be Heard by Stewart Mednick

by 01 Jan 2008

If you are a regular subscriber to The Niche Report, you have probably read my column before and I thank you for reading.  For the new readership, I welcome you and would like to introduce you to my column.  I have focused the column content mostly on marketing tips, productivity tips, and relationship building tips.  You, my audience, has responded with great enthusiasm and I have received emails and phone calls from many.  As a result, I brainstormed with the publisher and was given a big “thumbs-up” to try something new. 


Starting right now, I want all of you to email or call me and tell me what is on your mind.  Here are some suggestions of what to ‘shout-out’ about: 

comments about my previous columns,

customer interaction,

effective marketing techniques,

growing a segment of your business,

how to control a conversation with a client,

closing the deal,

handling rejection,

and sharing successful techniques you have used.


Next month, I will post an email or reiterate a phone conversation with a response.  By using this column as a ‘brain-trust’ we can all learn. 


I am not a licensed psychologist, and as such, can not give certain types of advice.  I am knowledgeable and experienced in sales, marketing and relationship development.  My credentials, in a nutshell, are as follows; I hold an MBA in finance and a BA in organizational management and communication.  I have nine years experience in the US Navy in various leadership positions and having earned many commendations and awards.  I have been a business banker, a commercial and retail sales representative, a call center mortgage originator, a strategic manager, an entrepreneur, and mortgage banker, processor and closer.  I have taught sales, marketing and finance on a college level and have coached professionals one-on-one and have trained mortgage company staffs.  I have published articles in a few mortgage publications.


I only reason I gave this list of credentials is to qualify myself as someone that may know something about what I write.  I am sure there are more experienced or equally experienced professionals who read this column.  I want to hear from you!  I want to hear from the not-so experienced as well.  I want to field questions and post advice from a successful mortgage originator.  I want to find common issues to address and to post to see what you think.


I hope I am inundated with responses.  In times of market challenges, why reinvent the wheel to figure out what works to keep the pipeline full.  Let’s share. 


Send emails to Stewart Mednick at or call 651-895-5122


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