SharperLending enhances Verisite to promote social distancing

by Candyd Mendoza19 Mar 2020

Mortgage tech provider SharperLending has upgraded its Verisite mobile property inspection tools to help real estate appraisers practice social distancing during property inspections.

The enhancements enable homeowners to take photos of the interior of their property, then send those photos with descriptions to appraisers for their reports. Additionally, Verisite automatically verifies the accuracy of the location where the images were taken to help eliminate fraud.

SharperLending said the goal is to promote social distancing among appraisers that go out into the field while ensuring loan application volumes are handled properly.

“With rates so low, we are seeing record loan volumes, and we want to do what we can to help appraisers stay safe and healthy as they are out in force completing inspections,” said SharperLending President David Chiappe. “While safety and health are paramount to us, we also don’t want lender pipelines to become blocked," Chiappe said. "We want to get the word out to all types of lenders: Verisite keeps pipelines moving and reduces appraisal cancellations because its mobile nature promotes social distancing, so appraisers stay safe. Not only does this have positive impacts on lender offices, but it supports the health of the mortgage industry and the economy as a whole.”