Selling a home on these days means sellers get 10% more

by Steve Randall03 May 2019

With home price growth moderating, sellers will be keen to maximize their asking price but there are some days of the year that make it easier to do so.

A new analysis from ATTOM Data Solutions has identified the best days of the year to sell in order to achieve a premium above market value.

Perhaps not surprisingly, we are now in one of the best months to sell; May offers an average 7.4% premium, second only to June’s 9.2%.

But when narrowed down to specific days, sellers would be better waiting until later in the month to get the best returns on their investment.

That’s because May 24 and 31; and June 20, 21, and 28 are the top 5 days of the year to sell based on the analysis of 28.3 million home sales over the past 8 years.

"Since Summer is a time for vacations and outings, it's no surprise that it's also a time when people are most likely to move," said Todd Teta, chief product officer with ATTOM Data Solutions. "Families start their home search when they know their kids will be out of school and when the weather is ideal for home viewing and moving, giving home sellers an upper hand in price negotiations."