Roostify integrates AccountChek into platform

by MPA12 May 2014
Roostify, which provides automated real-estate transaction technology, has announced that it will integrate the mortgage industry’s leading digital solution for verification of deposits and assets into its loan-processing platform.

AccountChek, the first technology that automates verification of borrowers’ deposits and assets, has been integrated into Roostify’s end-to-end, web-based platform. Digital reports generated by AccountChek can now be ordered and received through Roostify and exported to a lender’s LOS of choice.

“Our goal is to provide all of the tools necessary to achieve a truly paperless loan, while maintaining total transparency between the lender and the borrower. AccountChek offers an ideal alternative to uploading scanned paper bank statements, because in just a couple of minutes it pulls digital bank statements and VODs directly from the financial institutions with the borrower’s permission,” said Rajesh Bhat, CEO of Roostify. “We feel this service is more streamlined for the borrower than traditional processes and offers much greater convenience.”

“The most common question we get asked in the mortgage industry is whether the borrower will want to submit their bank statements online. Not only do all of the market trends show that consumers expect a paperless process, you have the borrowers themselves starting companies like Roostify and FormFree to fix the issues they personally encountered while buying a home,” said Brett Chandler, founder and CEO of AccountChek creator FormFree. “Together, we will be creating levels of efficiency that are unmatched in the mortgage industry today.”


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