Roostify and Factual Data help loan officers better understand borrower credit

by Candyd Mendoza24 Jun 2020

As part of its digital transformation efforts, Roostify has collaborated with Factual Data to create a “seamless” credit integration that would allow loan officers to run borrower credit and view findings within the Roostify platform.

With the enhanced credit decisioning, loan officers can now use their mobile devices to secure loan products for their clients. According to Roostify, giving loan officers access to detailed information from the credit report gives them more flexibility so the loan process can continue without costly delays associated with switching between multiple software systems.

”Roostify and Factual Data have collaborated to create a seamless integration between technology and critical borrower credit data that is highly valuable in today’s lending climate,” Factual Data President Jay Giesen said. “Now more than ever, practical digital experience is making an important difference for mortgage lenders.”

“Understanding a borrower’s credit history is an important step in the mortgage lending process,” said Travis Kniffen, director of platform partnerships at Roostify. “By leveraging industry leader Factual Data for real-time insight within the Roostify platform, lenders can make informed decisions at the time of application and reduce time-to-close cycles.”