Robosigning foreclosure king stripped of crown as judge calls for disbarment

by Adam Smith29 Oct 2013

Florida's so-called "foreclosure king" whose firm at one point handled 277,000 foreclosures should be stripped of his license to practice law, according to a judge in the state.

David Stern, whose firm became notorious for handling thousands of foreclosure cases, was accused by the Florida Bar earlier this year of violating the association's rules of professional conduct. A judge appointed by the Florida Supreme Court as referee in the case has ruled that Stern should no longer be able to practice, The Palm Beach Post has reported. Judge Nancy Perez said Stern had visited "massive injury" upon the state's foreclosure system.

Stern was a lead attorney for Freddie Mac and several large banks, and saw his law firm grow to an enormous size during the foreclosure crisis. But the Florida Bar received a flood of complaints about false or inaccurate documents in the firm's foreclosure cases, The South Florida Business Journal said.

In April of this year, the Florida Bar filed 17 complaints agains Stern. Stern took the witness stand in the case, vehemently denying accountability for flawed and fraudulent documents produced by his employees, the Post said.


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