Rob Smith to lead Mortgage Analytics team for Mortgage Consulting Firm

by 11 Jan 2012
[caption id="attachment_5680" align="alignleft" width="250" caption="Rob Smith, Vice President"]Rob Smith, Vice President  [/caption] Dallas,  TX  (January  10,  2012)  –  zIngenuity,  Inc.,  a boutique  consulting  firm dedicated  exclusively to advising mortgage lenders on mortgage finance matters, is pleased to announce that Rob Smith, Vice President  has  been  named  as  the  head  of  the  Mortgage  Analytics  team.    Rob,  who  started  with zIngenuity  in  early  2009  when  unprecedented  mortgage  defaults  began  to  emerge,  has  established zIngenuity as the most reliable source to quantify mortgage pool losses in the industry.  David Reber, President and CEO for zIngenuity, says “Rob came on-board at a time where rating agency and other loss models required material recalibration and we can honestly say that our loss estimates were and remain materially  correct.    Many  of  our  customers  have  utilized  our  proprietary  loss  models  for  reserve forecasting,  model  validation  and  mortgage  finance acumen  to  determine  future  actions  on  their mortgage insurance captives which hold millions of dollars in capital and billions of dollars in mortgage insurance  risk.”    He  adds,  “Today,  Rob  is  working  diligently  with  clients  to negotiate  resolutions on legacy mortgage risk including repurchase demands and mortgage insurance rescissions and denials.  Additionally, Rob is working to establish solutions utilizing risk retention and captive reinsurance to help lenders, GSEs and mortgage insurance companies originate profitable high-LTV loans.”


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