Realogy Holdings rolls out learning platform for agents and brokers

by Candyd Mendoza04 Nov 2019

Realogy Holdings has announced the launch of its digital learning platform for affiliated agents and brokers.

The learning platform, according to Realogy, is designed to mimic and utilize aspects of social networking, gamification, and personalization. Agents and brokers can customize their training programs, coaching sessions, and lesson plans based on their experience level and business goals.

"We found that delivering a consistently personalized experience is what agents and brokers are looking for to support their growth," said Realogy Chief Technology Officer Dave Gordon. "The Learning Platform will utilize our deep data sets to be smarter and more strategic in the recommendations it makes to agents and brokers, ensuring the learning and training will have a meaningful impact on their business."

In addition, users have the flexibility to schedule training and events, as well as connect and collaborate with other agents and brokers within the platform.

"Having a digitally-driven and impactful learning offering is a game-changer for agents and brokers, especially as it relates to agent recruiting, retention, and productivity," said Simon Chen, executive vice president of product and innovation at Realogy. "With ideas and input from affiliated agents and franchisees, we have created a platform that leverages best-in-class technology, data and learning principles with a flexible functionality that delivers a differentiated brand experience and personalized, relevant content for the individual agent."