Originators speak out on lenders -- the good and the bad

by Ryan Smith10 Sep 2014
MPA recently closed our first ever Originators on Lenders survey, where we asked you to let us know what your lenders were doing right – and what they were doing wrong.

And boy, did you respond. More than 1,180 of you took the time to share how good your lenders were in categories ranging from products to turnaround time to technology – and the results were, to put it mildly, somewhat mixed.

“They Suck,” one reader told us, referring to a lender’s turnaround times. “Awesome personal service,” another said of his favorite lender.

So how did lenders stack up overall? And which lenders came out on top, winning consistent praise from originators? Keep an eye out for the next issue of MPA, where we’ll publish the survey results – and list all the lenders YOU thought were worthy of recommending to your peers. If you’re not happy with your current lender, the next issue is the one that tells you which lenders your colleagues love.


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