Official Release Notice of Version 1.9.17 (Build 001) of The Mortgage Office

by 05 Mar 2009
In our continuing effort to provide you with the most technologically advanced and easy-to-use loan servicing and origination software found anywhere, Applied Business Software, Inc. is pleased to announce the latest release of The Mortgage Office? version 1.9.17 (build 001) . This release contains exciting new features and enhancements that will benefit you and your business. Builds are updates and enhancements to The Mortgage Office? that are made available to you in between major product version releases. This release contains exciting new features and enhancements that will benefit you and your business. Keep your software current. We are committed to providing you with the most current, feature-rich software available. This commitment involves enhancing the product with new features as well as correcting existing issues. Keeping your software current allows ABS to provide you with best level of support possible. The following list provides a brief description of some of the new additions and enhancements to The Mortgage Office? Lender Analytics. Monitor and manage each lender's loan portfolio more effectively with up-to-the-minute information reporting on a range of key factors. It displays snapshots of current, statistical, historical data, and performance trends in a comprehensive graphical view. Business Today. You may now copy or print any of the controls with a simple mouse right-click. Right-click anywhere on a control in Business Today, and select Copy to Clipboard or Print from the menu. Hide Inactive Lenders. You can now use the lender filter option to hide lenders based on one or more categories. For example, you may want to use this option to hide inactive lenders. SmartViews. When creating or editing SmartViews you may now specify whether filtered (hidden) loans should be included or excluded from the final query. Custom Funding Letters. The option to Exclude Lenders with 0% Ownership has been added to the Funding Letter Assistant. Lender Statement - New Charts Section. The lender statement has been enhanced with a new Charts & Options section. Lender Statement - New Funding History Section. You may now select to include a lender's funding activity for the selected period when printing lender statements. Lender Portfolio. You may now select to view All Funding History for a lender or only the lender's funding history for the selected loan. Ability to Send an E-mail to All Funding Lenders in a Loan. The loan's funding window has been enhanced to enable you to easily send an e-mail message to all the funding lenders. Loan Aging Trial Balance Report. The report assistant has a new option then enables you to print a loan aging trial balance report as of a user selected date. Borrower Notices. The following borrower notices now support custom fields (UDFs). The Mail Merge borrower toolbar is now populated with all borrower custom fields that can be inserted within the notice. ACH Express - Automated Borrower Payments. A new option has been added enabling you to consolidate automated (ACH) borrower payments into a single bank deposit in the Trust Fund Accounting module by effective date. SmartViews. A new button has been added to the grid which enables you to duplicate a SmartView. Once the SmartView is copied, you may then edit and customize it to fit your needs. SmartViews. A new context-sensitive menu item has been added to enable you to recreate deleted default SmartViews. Default (system) SmartViews are automatically available when a new company database is created. Much more...


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