Note from the Founder by Robert Pegg

by 09 Jan 2009
Happy New Year! Wow, 2008 is finally behind us. What a year, and a tough one at that. In our first issue for 2009, our feature article from Mark Hanson, aka Mr. Mortgage, firmly suggests making drastic principal reductions to loan modifications. With over 50% of loan modifications defaulting (again), it may serve us well to take large hits now, versus larger hits later. Some say investors and speculators help fuel the housing crisis. Kurt Lefteroff and Mark Speno make a very compelling argument on how real estate investors (entrepreneurs) can actually help our economy. With lenders hesitant to enter this arena, these same folks are ?stuck at the starting gate?. Our first Center Stage article for 2009 is with Good Grievance. A company that is very important, and appropriate, at this time. With deflating values all over the country, Good Grievance is leading the industry in property tax resolution. As a loan originator in this market, this company could prove to be a valuable partner in offering your past and present clients additional help. Along with our line up of articles this month, we have added more lenders and categories in our ?Niche Reports? towards the rear of the magazine. Please use this information as a guide to help you do your job ? close loans. The Niche Report wishes all our readers a prosperous New Year. Keep up the fight, Robert Pegg


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