Note from the Founder

by 01 Sep 2008
For the first time since our inception, we have allowed a non-lending institution to grace our front cover. This is no mistake, but rather, a simple message. The Niche Report is all about presenting the loan originator with options, and in this climate our options are limited. Therefore, in an effort to help expand your products and services we present to you a company that helps borrowers and lenders perform loss mitigation via loan modification ? Green Credit Solutions. This segment of the industry is said to be filled with crooks and scam artists, however, Green Credit Solutions stands out as an honest leader in this field and should be recognized. I think it should also be noted that The Implode O? Meter, a website that helps to keep our industry transparent, has backed them. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank CAMB (California Association of Mortgage Brokers) for having us out at their Annual Convention in Sacramento California. It was held downtown at the Sacramento Convention Center with an air of hope and perseverance among its attendees. This month in TNR we have Lane Bacon, founder of Advantage Capital Equity Solutions, presenting to us our feature article; a clear and concise process on the potential of re-Institutionalizing equity based lending. TNR will be running this fantastic piece as a two part series highlighting the ?Problem? we face in this arena and following up with the ?Solution? in our October issue. I would like to leave you all with a tip. I found a new lender committed to wholesale ? NetMore America, Inc. I know very little about them except that they launched in October of 2007 and now have over 150 employees and funding, on average, $50 Million per month. 80% of this volume is wholesale. My hat is off to them and I wish them luck. Enjoy this issue of TNR and take away from it what you can. Keep up the fight Robert Pegg


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