Note from the Founder

by 02 Jul 2008
This issue marks a momentous occasion for The Niche Report. One year ago this month, The Niche Report circulated for the first time to just over 10,000 mortgage brokers and other real estate finance professionals. When you consider that statistically only 1 out of 10 new magazines exist past their first year in business, we are very proud that The Niche Report has not only survived but grown in size and circulation even in this down economy. We now circulate to over 20,000 with a reach double that size. We made key alliances with business partners which helped us provide you with even more niche lenders and lender programs. As you read through to the Niche Reports, you?ll notice we added another niche category this month ? Reverse Mortgages. We?ve seen amazing growth in this lending category ? both in the information available about it in the marketplace and the number of lenders offering this product. As a result, more and more mortgage professionals are engaging in this business and they need to know who to contact. This month we have a list of seven lenders and we anticipate the list will grow monthly. Our feature article this month focuses on building your success in niche marketing, specifically financing condotels. The Niche Report has received several requests from readers to provide an article on this topic because the lending options out there for this property type seem almost non-existent. So we tracked down the subject matter expert, Craig Flaherty. Another key topic this month is the upcoming Home Valuation Code of Conduct proposal by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac due to go into effect on January 1, 2009. This proposal, as described by TNR Compliance Columnist George Marentis, will have a major impact on our business and in George?s opinion will ultimately have the deepest impact on borrowers? pockets. Finally, I want to extend a huge thanks to our readers, advertisers, and alliance partners for supporting us through this first year. We look forward to providing you with even more pertinent and educational content as well as building upon the tools already in place to help you locate lender niches for your clients. Many new developments are on the horizon ? this is only the beginning. Robert Pegg Founder/Publisher


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