New mortgage servicing site links lenders with consumers

by Anna Sobrevinas09 Jun 2017
Lead-generation giant Best Rate Referrals has announced a new “one-stop mortgage financing shop” for those looking for the perfect mortgage, according to a news release.

Mortgage Advisor is a free website that will connect consumers with lenders who will cater to their financing needs. The site will also provide users access to resources and tools such as mortgage calculators, rate comparisons, expert advice and lender ratings and reviews.

"The landscape of the lending market continues to evolve, bringing convenience, customer experience and value to a process that can often be painful for borrowers,” said Ray Bartreau, SVP of mortgage partnerships at Best Rate Referrals. “With Mortgage Advisor, we built a marketplace where borrowers can try to find their mortgage match whether the loan originates from a bank or a non-bank – it's the right mortgage solution for their needs."

Consumers will be able to receive customized loan offers with less paperwork, and have their verification of assets and verification of income delivered to them digitally.

"In addition to a robust digital experience with tools and expert advice, borrowers who don't want to exclusively find a mortgage online are welcome to call us and ask for help," Bartreau said.

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