by 31 Jan 2010

As an independent real estate appraiser, my goal for this year is to establish new clients from new target markets. At first, I thought this would be easy. But as it turns out, the new target markets are not as informed on how useful and appraisal can be in helping their own clients. As an example, in seeking out Divorce Mediators or Divorce attorney's, the question they often ask is "Are you a court appointed appraiser?" To which I have to say "no" but then I explain to them that any certified appraiser who does a property valuation can be of service to them. That the so called "court appointed" appraiser will most likely be assigned by the court. So I then have to explain to them that the goal is to show your clients what their property is worth prior to going to court, which is a goal they would want to achieve is it not? Also, I did some research on "court appointed" appraisers here in the state of California. Most are just that, "appointed". They are also Commercial appraisers who have been appointed by judges. My license is for single family, condominium and up to 4 unit properties. I do now wish to become a Commercial real estate appraiser. It is an entirely different licensing and education process. I also do not know any judges, so my chances of being "appointed" is slim to none. This is one example of what I have run into in trying to tap into a new target market. I have had similar results with CPA's, Financial advisers and Attorneys doing Loan Modification work. I did realize that educating the general public on how useful appraiser's are outside of a purchase or refinance transaction of real property would be, but the time investing in the education is more than the time in generating appraisal work. I remain optimistic! Any other appraisers out their facing similar challenges? Sincerely, Lamarr Banks


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