New analytics tool can help real estate providers with price trends

by Candyd Mendoza07 Mar 2019

ClosingCorp, a real estate closing cost data and technology provider, has introduced a new analytics tool that benefits the real estate services and mortgage industry.

The company said its new Price Trends Market Analyzer could provide settlement services providers “better insight into market penetration, pricing trends, and market potential.”

Users could use the tool to see their market share on national, state and county levels. It also enables providers to benchmark their pricing based on product type and geography or compare pricing to top and bottom providers’ offers in each market. In addition, the analyzer could help providers evaluate volume and pricing trends to assess the addressable market for various products.

“Our new analytics will help providers better understand how they stack up against competitors, how competitive their pricing is, whether they are leaving money on the table, and what geographical markets are the most attractive,” said ClosingCorp CEO Bob Jennings. “Armed with this information, our clients will be in a position to make smarter pricing and marketing decisions that can increase share and/or profitability. Our Price Trends Market Analyzer is the first of a series of data and analytical offerings that we will be introducing in 2019.”