New American Funding hosts event on impact of millennials

by Ryan Smith05 Oct 2017
National mortgage banker New American Funding is hosted an event Wednesday to educate mortgage professionals on how to effectively market to millennials.

The company held its first “Ahead of the Curve” event in San Diego. The event featured a panel of experts who spoke about the millennial generation, technology, marketing and the impact Latino homebuyers are having on the housing market.

“Being tech-savvy in today’s marketplace is no longer optional,” said New American Funding co-founder Rick Arvielo. “With the significant numbers of millennials comprising the next wave of homebuying, and the unprecedented diversity among them, consumer expectations and the manner in which we conduct business with them are changing.”

“I am very excited to host this “Ahead of the Curve” event and embrace the needs of the multicultural market,” said co-founder Patty Arvielo. “Achieving cultural competency is becoming increasingly critical for this business.”

The event was produced in collaboration with Freddie Mac and Radian.

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