National Modification Consultants, LLC To Help Homeowners Benefit From Loan Modification Programs

by 03 Dec 2008
Aventura, Fl. ? August 12, 2008 ? National Modification Consultants announced today the company can now help homeowners modify their adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs) and high Fixed Rate mortgages to make payments more affordable and avoid costly foreclosures though a proprietary web application document processing system. In addition to displacing a homeowner, a typical foreclosure can result in up to $80,000 in losses for the homeowner, lender, local government and neighbors whose homes fall in value, according to an April 2008 report from Congress Joint Economic Committee. With approximately 1.5 million subprime ARMs expected to reset to higher interest rates in 2009, there is a need for servicers to swiftly implement loan modification programs. National Modification Consultants helps homeowners make such modifications rapidly through a standard yet customizable set of documents and packages that enable lenders/servicers to freeze the interest rate of their borrowers existing ARMs for a specified period or modify those ARMs to fixed-rate or interest-only fixed-rate loan permanently. National Modification Consultants can help lenders/servicers quickly execute loan modification programs on behalf of homeowners that are compliant with current legislative or investor requirements. The companys robust change management capabilities ensure rapid implementation of any new or updated requirements brought on with government intervention programs. The company provides Step-by-Step submission instructions and negotiation tips to ensure a fast, effective, and mutually beneficial loan modification. In addition to the bank ready loan modification package provided by National Modification Consultants through their website, they provide live help to answer any and all questions regarding a loan modification; pre-submission and postsubmission. To learn more about National Modification consultantsloan modification solutions, please call 1-877-786-9498 or visit About National Modification Consultants National Modification Consultants through provides bestin-class document preparation, content, and technology solutions and services that directly help homeowners work with lenders/servicers to modify at risk mortgages. Their experience with the overall mortgage industry and loan modification process positions them as a leader 1 of 2 the battle to save homeowners from foreclosure and tackle the housing crisis. National Modification Consultants solutions include integrated, bank ready document preparation customized to the homeowners unique financial situation. Their proprietary document processing and professional modification specialists help homeowners start and finish the cumbersome loan modification process. The company has successfully modified homeowners mortgages from all the major lenders like Countrywide, Chase, Citi, Wells Fargo, and Bank of America. For more information visit their website at or call 877-786-9498


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